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Grace Baptist Church

9400 NE 50th Ave Vancouver, WA 98665

360-574-3242 | On Facebook & YouTube


Weekly Schedule

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Children Praying
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Prayer Group

Bible Study for All Ages

Sundays Starting at 9:45 am,
Virtual options are available.
Call or e-mail for details!


Sundays Starting at 10:50 am, livestreamed on YouTube!
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Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays Starting at 6:30 pm;
Meeting at church & on Zoom. 
Call or email for details)


About Us

Welcome HOME

How is your family? Families, like children, come in all shapes and sizes. From being just one to having lots of siblings.

Our church is like a family because we view church as not only a place to worship and serve God, but it is also about people.

Many churches say they are “family”, but you are soon forgotten after you leave. GBC is different because you feel like you have come home.

Each person at GBC truly knows they are part of a family when they come. Why not “come home” this Sunday and join us for Worship and Bible Study?

We at Grace Baptist Church, being led of the Holy Spirit; seek to win the lost, disciple them in obedience to Jesus Christ, baptize them into the fellowship of our church; and to help them to grow in grace, knowledge, wisdom and favor with God, and to become faithful stewards of Jesus Christ.