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"The Chosen"
Small Group

Join us Thursdays at 6:30pm, upstairs at Grace Baptist Church as we dig into God's word! 

Based on the first ever multi-season, 100% crowd funded television drama about the life of Jesus Christ as told from the perspective of those who encountered him.

The Season 1 Bible Study, What Does It Mean To Be Chosen? is the official companion to Season 1 of The Chosen tv show. Each lesson will parallel each episode, all the while looking at what Scripture says about what it means to be chosen by God and what those implications have for our life today. The study is for all: young, old, singles, married, and kids!

For more information on the show, visit: or

Whether you are a long time Christian, have been a follower of Jesus for a short time, or just wanting to know more about this person called Jesus Christ, we invite you to join us as we #ComeAndSee who Jesus is and what it is that He has chosen us for.

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